Holidays in Panarea

Of course, taking holidays in Panarea is not like living here all the time… but in finding out about island life you will feel closer to this magical place.

Luca grew up outdoors in Panarea, with the mountain, the rock, the prickly pears and the animals behind him and so much sea in front of his eyes. Those 15 kids on the island were gathered together in one class at primary school, and in another at lower secondary school. It may well have been at the expense of the Divine Comedy, but in a place like this you also learn such a lot by being together…

And now Luca offers you the chance to spend your holidays in Panarea and feel part of an ancient history.

Organize your holidays now in Panarea  the smallest, and perhaps the most beautiful of the Aeolian Islands. The formation of the little archipelago of islets that surround it (Basiluzzo, Dattilo, Lisca Bianca, Lisca Nera and Le Formiche) dates back to a devastating prehistoric volcanic eruption. There are those who see in the sooty penumbra of a bay behind the island the inside of the old crater…

You can visit Panarea easily on foot as the inhabited part, composed of the districts of Drautto, San Pietro and Iditella, covers just over two kilometres. Beautiful bays can be reached by land, such as Junco Bay, the area of the prehistoric village and Calcara, with pools of warm thermal water. However your holiday in Panarea must include at least one day on a boat to fully appreciate the beauty of the coastline and the sea. Moreover, the variety and beauty of the seabed around the island call for underwater expeditions.
For experienced walkers there is the picturesque mountain pass, offering a breathtaking panorama across all the Aeolian Islands.

The clean lines of Aeolian architecture, whose main feature is the simple elegance of the white colour of the houses highlighted by the multicoloured decorations of the glazed tiles and the natural pinks and reds of the ubiquitous bougainvilleas, make Panarea a magical island. It is almost unique with its web of narrow streets that do not allow cars (the less energetic can take advantage of the small eco-friendly and silent electric cars).

With different types of holiday suitable for all ages, Panarea certainly offers an occasion for the body and spirit to enjoy the benefits of a harmonic closeness to a gentle, natural setting and a developing tourism industry that is still sustainable. Panarea offers a large variety of high quality products for holiday shopping, especially with regards clothing and furnishings. Lastly, the gastronomic side of the island is unforgettable with charming, welcoming restaurants where you can enjoy dishes belonging to the flavourful Sicilian culinary tradition, brought up-to-date and with added twists thanks to different, unexpected influences.

How to arrive on the island

Your holidays in Panarea, your holidays in a little paradise in the middle of the sea.