Da Luca, the bed and breakfast in Panarea

Here we are in the wonderful world of Luca and his bed and breakfast in Panarea (Aeolian Islands).

The house is located in the Iditella district. In this historic part of the island the views from the rooms and bedrooms are of the majestic Stromboli, which often offers exciting firework displays in the evening, the islet of Basiluzzo, once home to luxurious villas dating from Roman Antiquity, and Dattilo, the rock that reflects the gold of the setting sun. Few other bed and breakfasts in Panarea are positioned in such strategic points. With a ten-minute walk you arrive at the harbour, which also happens to be the focus for the “evening scene”, full of sophisticated, authentic restaurants and bars and small, characteristic shops, while within just five minutes you can arrive at the beach.

A short distance away is Calcara Bay, where the warm solfataric waters together with the beneficial sulphur stones offer an important landmark for tourists interested in the beauty of nature and the wellbeing it can provide.

A convenient taxi service with only electric cars is available for you to discover the most delightful areas of the Island of Panarea.

Luca’s bed and breakfast in Panarea is the best way to combine quality, comfort and freedom, offering a flat consisting of two double bedrooms with bathroom and kitchen, or alternatively two double bedrooms and one triple room, all surrounded by a large, relaxing garden and plenty of fresh air. Each bedroom has its own bathroom and amenities necessary for a restorative holiday, including free Wi-Fi, a minibar, sun terrace, TV with DVD, air conditioning, safe and most importantly, a terrace with a sea view. In keeping with our genuine knowledge of the Sicilian tradition of hospitality, breakfast is served on the verandas.

And after staying at his bed and breakfast in Panarea, you’ll feel like you’ve been Luca’s friend for years!