Rooms in Panarea

The rooms in Panarea of Bed and Breakfast da Luca welcome you with the familiar simplicity of the Aeolian Style of architecture. The thick walls, tiles with traditional designs and stone inlays add peacefulness and a fresh feel to your stay.

A nice feature of Luca’s rooms in Panarea is the direct access to the terrace, the ideal place for games and to rest the sea view to the front and the sounds of the foliage in the garden behind you guaranteeing everything you need for a relaxing holiday. The contrast between the colours of the vibrant Sicilian scenery and the dazzling white of the houses will help the already smooth, swift path towards the joy of wellbeing.

Living in one of the rooms in Panarea and breathing the air that wafts the curtains, touching the walls that are warm outside and cool inside, lingering barefoot on the terrace at the threshold of the room… there are no better ingredients for integrating with ease into a world that is ‘other’ yet close, which indulges your frame of mind and brings you happiness. It is a holiday for the more thoughtful tourists who do not want to exploit the local resources while remaining strangers, but rather seek to establish more authentic relationships with the people and things, which leaves a deeper memory in the heart.

Until recently the rooms in Panarea were marvellously basic, but to be honest, not without a few inconveniences…oil lamps, an outside communal bathroom and rationed water. Today, Luca’s bed and breakfast combines the beauty of plain, old-fashioned rooms with a newly acquired, unobtrusive comfort. The rooms are air conditioned and each feature a private bathroom complete with hairdryer and complimentary toiletries, free Wi-Fi throughout, a minibar, and a safe so you can go to the beach without a worry, while the TV with DVD player can keep you company if the weather is so-so and be a distraction for your children when you seek some precious time to yourselves.

And if you would like to share the harmony that you have experienced, send us a selfie from your room in Panarea!

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